Cris Ornelas


Birthplace: Denver

Education: Colorado State University-Pueblo

Current Position/Job Duties: Multi-Media Journalist

Previous Work Experience:           KREX 1998-2000 Grand Junction CO

                                                                KKTV 2000-2005 Colorado Springs CO

                                                                KOB 2005-2009 Albuquerque NM

                                                                KXRM 2009-2011 Colorado Springs, CO

                                                                KERO 2011-Present Bakersfield

Most Memorable Stories:  I broke a story about a man and woman who burned down their home with their three kids inside for the insurance money. The case was not going to be filed in court until I did series of stories about the problems with the investigation and official’s reluctance to file charges. Both Parents are now in prison.

Also helped bring a comatose boy home after he was in a serious car crash while on family vacation in Alabama.

And did story on Taft woman who had sex while skydiving at Skydive Taft and then posted the video on the internet.

Awards/Honors: Edward R Murrow for Spot news station, Multiple Station of the Year awards

News Philosophy:  Our job is to help make the communities we cover a better place to live.

Role Models:  Edward R Murrow, Hunter S Thompson

Favorite Sports Teams: Denver Broncos

Favorite Music: Everything but new country

Favorite Movies: Hunt for Red October, Goodfellas, Godfather, Casino

Favorite Programs: The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family

Favorite Books:  Misery, Bias

Hobbies/Interests: Camping, hiking, fishing

Hidden Talent: I can grito (look it up)

Pets: 3 dogs a lab, a Chi-Weenie, and a Chihuahua

Something Most People don't know about me:   I played a reporter in the movie Swing Vote

What I like best about Southern California: warm winters

On the weekends I love to: watch NFL games, spend time with family, cook

You're most likely to see me around town:  At Walmart