Pixar Studios to release "Toy Story of Terror" after 2 years of animation work

This is the first "Toy Story" installment for TV

Pixar is getting ready to unveil its first-ever television project.

The animation studio is taking its popular characters from "Toy Story" and bringing them to the small screen.

The studio showed 23ABC how "Woody" and "Buzz" came to life for this special event.

"Toy Story of Terror," is a new television special taking Woody, Buzz, Rex and all their friends on a spooky adventure inside a very scary motel.

"I think we worked hard to make it an emotional story but also a comedic story that tries to do a lot of things and certainly after the success and the narrative finish of Toy Story 3 that there's a lot of expectations for the film," said Angus Maclane, the director.

"Toy Story of Terror" breaks away from the original cast bringing the character "Jesse" to center stage.

This latest "Toy Story" was produced in a short period of time compared to most of Pixar's other productions.

Inside Pixar studios, a lot of research is done to create characters, their behaviors, movements and unforgettable worlds.

Animators said they are not interested in copying life, but rather exaggerating, simplifying and clarifying it.

Michal Makarewicz is the supervising animator for "Toy Story of Terror."

Animators worked on "Toy Story of Terror" for about two years.  It started with an idea that turned into a story and then a sketch which was later perfected in various phases before a layout and lighting was applied.

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and the rest of the original "Toy Story" cast return to lend their voices to the characters fans have grown to know and love.


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