GMA gives Colin a big birthday surprise!

Birthdays may come and go each year, but one little Kalamazoo boy will be sure to remember his 11th for a lifetime. And Friday, that little boy will make a live appearance on Good Morning America for his surprise.

We told you last month about Colin , who has Asperger's, a mild form of autism. This year, he told his mom there would be no point in throwing a birthday party. Colin said he didn't have any friends to invite. All of the kids at school "don't like me" and "make fun of me," Colin told his mom.

That's when Colin's mom took matters into her own hands, with the a little help from Facebook. She created a Facebook page entitled "Happy Birthday Colin."

The page reads: "I am Colin's mom, I created this page for my amazing, wonderful, challenging son who is about to turn 11 on March 9th. Because of Colin's disabilities, social skills are not easy for him, and he often acts out in school, and the other kids don't like him. So when I asked him if he wanted a party for his birthday, he said there wasn't a point because he has no friends. He eats lunch alone in the office everyday because no one will let him sit with them, and rather than force someone to be unhappy with his presence, he sits alone in the office. So I thought, if I could create a page where people could send him positive thoughts and encouraging words, that would be better than any birthday party. Please join me in making my very original son feel special on his day."

It has garnered the attention of more than 2.1 million friends and well-wishers sending Colin birthday wishes from around the world.

When Good Morning America caught wind of the story, they decided to throw him a party. On Friday morning, Colin went to Times Square to test video games, or so he thought. The cast then surprised him with a giant cake, a marching band and a trip to Disney World for his whole family. 
His face was priceless when he heard the news, giving a hug to his little sister. 

There's still time! You can wish Colin a Happy Birthday on the Facebook page here .

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