Bakersfield College completed test of emergency alert system

Bakersfield College conducted a system-wide test of BCAlert, Bakersfield College’s emergency notification system Monday.

Bakersfield College tests BCAlert at the beginning of every academic semester in order to verify operational ability of the system in the event of emergencies.

This test included voice calls and text messages to all home, cell, and office numbers for all students, faculty, and staff of Bakersfield College, as well as emails to all email addresses on file with the college. All Bakersfield College students and employees are automatically subscribed to BCAlert with all contact information contained in the college’s information management system. The emergency notification messages will also be delivered to Bakersfield College’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

The BCAlert test included an automated phone message which states:

“This is a test of the BCAlert emergency notification system. This is NOT an emergency. This is a test of the BCAlert emergency notification system. Again this is just a test. In the event of an emergency you will be notified with information on the nature of the emergency, what action to take, and where to go for further information. Again, this is not an emergency but only a test. This concludes this test of the BCAlert emergency notification system.”

The BCAlert emergency notification system was implemented in 2009 to provide important information and official communications from Bakersfield College in emergency situations. Since implementation, the BCAlert system has been used for emergency notifications such as: Clery Act notifications, parking impact from construction (2010), campus closure due to air conditioning failure (2010), and campus closure due to water main break (2009). The system was also used to communicate information in preparation for the Great California ShakeOut and the AMGEN Tour of California events.

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