California State University unveils new plan for online education

CSU opens the door to online education

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. - This fall, students at California State University will be able to take online courses offered at any of the system's 23 campuses for the first time.
It's being  unveiled  as  the most "radical" new plan for online learning at CSU schools.

“It is important to California’s future that students have the opportunity to continue their education and achieve a bachelor’s degree,” said Ephraim P. Smith, CSU executive vice chancellor and chief academic officer.  “We continue to face unprecedented demand for CSU programs with limited space available - renewed state investment is critical to closing that gap.”

The improved budget environment is enabling the California State University to begin addressing critical access needs for both current and potential students.

The new cross campus online option will allow students at a Southern California campus to take online courses offered at Northern California school, and vice versa.  30 courses have been approved  to be offered online  at all  CSU campuses.

Current full-time students enrolled at any CSU campus now have access to a wide range of fully online classes from other CSUs beginning August 1. On the same date, potential new CSU students interested in applying for admission to CSU campuses for the spring 2014 term may submit applications at

"We have students who need classes and we still have limits on the ability to get into certain classes. So we want students to get the classes they need in order to graduate  in a timely manner.  At the same time, I think we need to make  sure that we are preserving the quality of instruction and the quality of our education experience. We can't degrade the quality of education at CSU and UC simply to accommodate technology. But I think those two things can be reconciled successfully." said Assemblymember Roger Dickinson.

Dickinson says it's a step in the right direction as long as the curriculum is still rigorous for online course work.  For now, CSU students will be limited to one online course per term that's being offered at another campus.

For the most current information on which campuses are accepting students, and at what level, visit the CSUMentor status page.  Current and future applicants also are encouraged to visit CSUMentor to apply or find out more about CSU program offerings, financial aid and academic planning.