Growing interest in birth photography hits San Diego

Local family documents son's birth


It may make some people cringe, but interest in professional birth photography is growing almost as fast as baby bumps. 

IMAGES: Birth photography trend hits SD

In this age when photos are taken to document just about everything, more parents are asking, "Why not this moment?"

The tricky part is finding the right photographer willing to do the one thing that makes them unique.

Amber Robertson does something few photographers do - she's one of a growing number of birth photographers.

"It's such a beautiful story," Robertson said.  "I like to capture that for people."

People including Jessica and Jason Hunt.

How up-close-and-personal the photographs are, is entirely up to mom and dad.

So how much did having a professional photographer in the room take the burden off mom and dad?

"Well, I'm probably the worst at taking pictures," said Jason Hunt. "It was very relieving to have somebody, a professional there to do the photos."

But to be there at the right time, birth photographers have to be on call 24-7.

Robertson contracts to be on call from two weeks before through two weeks after the due date.

"It can be difficult," Robertson said. "My husband and I take two cars a lot of times when I'm on call so that I can leave and rush to the hospital.

It depends on where a woman gives birth when it comes to getting the photographer into the delivery room. 

The Hunts said the staff at the birth center in Hillcrest welcomed the photographer.  But you will need to get permission from your doctor or midwife.

Birth photography still is in its infancy.  Nationwide, more than 400 people are part of The International Association of Birth Photographers. The association reports a boom in inquiries.

In the end it's about the little details, such as the expression on Jessica Hunt's face when delivery begins, the comfort from her husband as he holds her hand -  the moment mom and dad meet their new son.

"It never gets old," Robertson said. "I love it. I absolutely love it, that moment when they're all just right there together and the baby is coming up on the mom's chest it's just amazing."

Robertson's fee is one thousand dollars. It includes being on call and staying as long as the birth process takes. Birth photographers also have back-up photographers in case something unexpected makes that necessary.

For more information, visit Labor of Love Birth Photography.




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