10 apps to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions

Apps to help you lose weight, get fit, eat better

DENVER - If you're the type of person who makes New Year's resolutions, chances are the biggest obstacle you have is with the follow through. It's easy to be committed to change on the first day of the year, but will you be equally committed on the 30th day of the year?

Well if you use the apps on your phone as your personal Jiminy Cricket, prodding you and guiding you along the way, you might be able to stick with it just a little longer this year.  Here are some of the top apps that could help with some of the most popular resolutions.

Resolution: Lose weight. App: Lose It! If losing weight is as simple as calculating calories in and calories out, keep track of how many calories you're eating and burning in this log. If you can't find the food in the library, just scan the barcode and all the nutritional information is automatically imported in your journal. Just be honest with your portion sizes. (Free.)

Resolution: Get fit. App: My Fitness Pal.  Like Lose It! this app also tracks calories, but also does a great job tracking your exercises. You can record the length of your cardio workouts as well as the weight and reps in your strength training. With more than 350 exercises in the database, the app removes the guesswork, but you could also add customized workouts. Also try: iFitness. If you're not sure what exercises to perform at the gym or at home to help whittle the belly flab, iFitness provides pictures, videos and step-by-step instructions on hundreds of exercises. It also has 25 predefined routines to reach various goals. (Free.)

Resolution: Stay connected with family and friends. App: Bloom*. This app gives you reminders or "mind blooms" to inspire you to live life better -- whether that's remaining connected to your family and friends or strengthening your body and spirit. You create and personalize the reminders with pictures from your album or from the Bloom community and add any song from your music library. Seeing pictures of your friends or family, showing up randomly on your phone, might remind you to give your awesome Aunt Sally, just to say hello. (Free in iTunes. Android version upcoming.)

Resolution: Eat well. App: The Eatery. If you had to take a picture of everything you put in your mouth, would you eat better? That's the idea behind this app, where you record the meals you eat by snapping a picture of your food. You then rate how healthy your meal really was and over time get a sense of your eating habits. You can also have your friends rate your meals as extra motivation or peer pressure. (Free, in iTunes only.)

Resolution: Be happy. App: Gratitude journal. Being happy is all about perspective. Change that perspective by starting a gratitude journal. Write 1-5 things you're thankful for everyday in this online journal and your attitude toward the "small stuff" like the morning's traffic jam would undoubtedly change. You can add pictures to your journal entries and read inspiring quotes after each entry. (99 cents. Look for "Moments of Gratitude" in Google Play.)

Resolution: Get organized. App: Evernote. Do you have 5 to-do lists and 4 note pads on every device? Sync them all together with Evernote. This app helps you get organized by putting notes, pictures, ideas, lists and voice-mail reminders on every device and computer you have and makes them all searchable from wherever you are.  (Free.)

Resolution: Drink more water. App: Waterlogged. Live a healthier life -- drink more water. See how much you've consumed by tracking your daily water intake using photos of your favorite bottles, cups and containers. (Free. Look for "TrackerSavvy Water Log Widget" in Google Play.)

Resolution: Save money. App: Mint.com.  Did you really just spend $200 on venti mochas last year? Track, budget and manage your money with this free app that shows you exactly how much you're spending each month and where you can save. Add your checking, savings and credit card accounts and the app pulls in and categorizes your transactions. (Free.)

Resolution: Learn a foreign language. App: iTranslate Voice. There are plenty of apps with lessons on learning a foreign language, but with this app, you just speak into it and it translates your words into one of 36 languages. You learn the words and phrases you want to learn, making it more likely you'll remember it. (99 cents, on iTunes only.)

Resolution: Clear the clutter. App: Paper Karma. Do you have a stack of catalogs, coupon books and credit card offers that go directly from your mailbox to the recycling bin? Control the junk mail and eliminate all that paper waste by using Paper Karma. Take a picture of the offending mail and Paper Karma contacts that Mailer to get you removed from that company's mailing list. (Free.)

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