Apps for tracking flu

App shows who's posted about being sick

The flu outbreak is sweeping the country.

But if you've already gotten sick, there's now a way to find out who to blame from your smartphone.

Last week, Venture beat writer, Christina Farr called in sick. And she began wondering who got her sick.

Turns out there's an app for that, a Facebook app called "Help my friend gave me the flu!"

It'll scrape all the data from your different social networks, it'll start looking for the telltale signs, search terms like sneeze, cold, flu.

In a few second, Christina got a list of four likely suspects who've posted about being sick.

Crawling Facebook and Twitter for posts about feeling ill, another app called "Germ Tracker" plots likely flu cases on a map.

Another map called flu near you relies on 40,000 volunteers to report every week if they have the flu by just clicking on any city.

But Farr says her favorite comes from Google, a map that shows who's searching for flu symptoms or remedies.


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