Local woman using website to help fund breast augmentation surgery

Kali Woods believes implants will help career

SAN DIEGO - An aspiring model and actress from Rancho Bernardo is hoping to receive breast implants, and she's going online to fund the surgery.

In the upcoming film "Think Like a Man 2," 21-year-old Kali Woods, 21, plays a bikini model.

During the recent shoot, she said she noticed this about some of the other models: "They were getting bumped to speaking parts and they all had really large breasts, and I noticed that, and I'm like, maybe that's the ticket."

Woods said she can't afford the surgery, so she turned to MyFreeImplants.com, an 8-year-old website created by a University of San Diego graduate.

Two days ago, she created her profile, and members who see it can donate money or send a message to her. She'll earn $1 for each message.

Woods is hoping to raise $7,500.

"I don't think there's any shame in it. Right now I'm a 34B; I'd like to be a D," said Woods.

Woods showed 10News some of the messages she gets. Most seem innocent enough, but one was sexually charged.

"You don't reply to those ones," said Woods.

Members are allowed to send private photos through the site.

10News reporter Michael Chen asked, "This seems like it could turn sleazy in a hurry?"

 "Of course, but I keep it classy … keep my morals … They're looking for a friend, you're looking for help, so keep it that way," said Woods.

Owners of the site said there are strict rules against contacting the women offsite, which helps keep members safe.

10News was told the website has paid for more than 1,100 surgeries.

Woods hopes she'll be the next success story.

"It comes down to I can't afford it. I don't think of it as anything weird. In 2013, what's normal anymore? If I can make friends and gain fans and have my surgery paid for, that's good," said Woods.

The money is held in an escrow account for the women and paid directly to the surgeon of their choice.


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