YouTube fads like 'cotton ball diet' putting health in danger; diet can form stomach blockages

The "cotton ball diet" is as disturbing as it sounds. The fad diet involves eating cotton balls soaked in juice, an extremely dangerous way of suppressing your hunger.

“A cotton ball has no vitamins, no minerals,” said Rachel Brogan, a registered dietitian in the Valley who works with individuals fighting eating disorders.

“When (cotton balls) sit in your stomach and intestines, it may not transition through. You may actually get blocked and have a lot of GI problems,” said Brogan.

But, she adds that the bigger problem could be all of the fad diets that can be easily accessed through YouTube videos, a lot of them promising unrealistic results.

“People believe more things on media, especially adolescents, more than they should,” said Brogan. “So watching something on YouTube becomes real to them.”

These extreme diets that are promoted in YouTube videos are often untested and dangerous. And any pounds that you lose, usually come right back.

“Most diets regain the weight back, plus some, because of the time when they were deprived,” said Brogan.

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