Hobbies: A fall wreath made with potpourri

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Try making "our" wreath for fall!

We had never really considered creating a wreath with an aroma, but felt the time had come. The aroma comes from the "fresh linen"-scented potpourri that creates the texture around the center. And does it smell great.


Twig wreath

Bags of chunky potpourri

Pheasant feathers

Additional small feathers



Hot-glue gun

Florist's wire

Wire cutter


The first step in wreath creation is to determine what is up and what is down. We found that our twig wreath had some very heavy wires holding it together, so we made sure that the area where the wire was showing the most was on the bottom, where the bow would pretty much hide it.

The pheasant feathers are the largest items on the wreath aside from the bow, so place them exactly where you want them and either hot-glue or wire them into the twig wreath. We did both.

Bring out the potpourri -- the amounts of this and other elements needed, of course, will depend on the size of your wreath -- and pour it into a large bowl. Sort through the different pieces and play with their placement on the wreath. Once you have a feel for how each item will fit in and how the pieces can be used together, begin attaching them to the wreath with hot glue. You may also want to wire some of these elements onto the wreath.

Once you have all of the potpourri pieces and pheasant feathers attached to the wreath -- or even during the process -- add some of the smaller feathers here and there. Use a little hot glue to keep them in place.

We added a few of the tiniest feathers to the tips of some of the longer twigs.

If you haven't already made a bow, do so now. Wire it into place. We also wired some ribbon at the top of the wreath for hanging. Just feed a long piece of ribbon through some of the backing material of the twig wreath and double it up for more support. The ends of the ribbon can be tacked into the top edge of the door.

Reality Check!

OK, that's how it actually went. But here are some behind-the-scenes issues.

Instead of potpourri, we really wanted to use only Brazil nuts. But we couldn't find them. Their beautiful brown hue against a bow of gorgeous brown satin ribbon (we couldn't seem to find this either) would have looked fabulous.

The pheasant feathers weren't as long as we would have liked. We later discovered that a local florist had the really long pretty ones. So, once again, we had to compromise on our original plan.

But in the end, we had a wonderfully scented seasonal wreath!


(Shari Hiller and Matt Fox are best known for HGTV's "Room by Room." They now host the PBS television series "Around the House with Matt and Shari." Visit them on their website, www.mattandshari.com.)

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