Is, a networking site for attractive people only, the real deal?

It calls itself an "exclusively beautiful community."

It's a place where not everyone makes the cut -- where beauty lies in the eyes of the voter. is a social network where users can be a part of the "elite," WCPO-TV reported.

But can you use it to land your dream job or recruit attractive employees? Is it really exclusive?

The site says members can enjoy:

- Glamorous parties

- Jet set global network

- Contact from leading film and TV companies

- Potential contracts from top modeling agencies

It started as a dating site for the beautiful to mingle, but with 750,000 members,'s services are expanding. 

The site now includes a place for job recruiters to look for an attractive staff, with a job listing portal. 

But does it work? 

We wanted to take the site for a spin ourselves. WCPO web editor Jane Andreasik was willing to create a free membership. 

"It's asking for height, weight, body type, hair color, eye color, if I'm a smoker, if I'm a homeowner, if I'm a car owner, education, relationship status," said Andreasik. 

As far as work experience, she said, "It just asks for education, field of work, but everything else -- which is a majority of the questions -- is about how you look." 

After you register, you are in limbo for 48 hours while other members rate your profile from "absolutely not" to "beautiful." 

Once you're a member of the site, you can check out other members, send messages and rate profiles. 

But as Andreasik quickly uncovered, you can only see private messages and access the full site if you cough up $12.49 a month. 

Research shows attractive people make more money and get promoted faster. 

We contacted local job recruiters and couldn't find any that had heard of 

Sarah Brown is the founder of a ProjectConnect , a local talent recruiting company. 

Brown said she would not use or recommend the site.

"I would not use that as a tool, whether I was in the dating scene or looking for a job because I think it's very one-sided and I don't think people have a full picture of what that person's strengths are," Brown said. "The only way you can find out a person's strengths are meeting with them, talking to them and getting personal recommendations." 

They say beauty's only skin deep, but the numbers show's reach is pretty thin, too. 

"With this site, you just don't know enough about their character," Brown said. "You don't know enough about their work ethics, you don't know about their past successes." 

Forbes says the top career sites are LinkedIn , the largest professional social networking site with more than 175 million members, followed by and SimplyHired . 

If you're looking for validation or a date, this could be for you. But if you're in the job market, experts say the more attractive options are the sites like LinkedIn.

ProjectConnect is hosting a resume workshop where a group of local HR professionals will meet with you face-to-face to re-work and re-tool your resume.

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