Yoga new craze among kids

20M taking part in yoga classes

Yoga, it's the new craze among kids.

Some say yoga is the fastest growing sport in the nation, with an estimated 20 million people practicing regularly.

But the latest trend among yogis is that an ever-growing number of practitioners are pint-sized.

There are Yoga classes for infants all the way up to teenagers.  They even have classes for toddlers.

"You're still going to see the foundation of Yoga, so there's going to be an awareness of movement and anatomy and breath, tremendous creativity, interplay between teacher and children," Liz Eustace.

"It's going to be a little bit sillier, more playful," said Lauren Chaitoff.  "Kids are stressed, social pressures and pressure in school."

After speaking with kids, they said it 'clears your mind' when something is bothering you and that it leaves them feeling 'not so worried.'

Parents should look for a registered children's yoga instructor.  A good start is the Yoga Alliance website.

Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions and be sure to develop a relationship with the teacher. 

Experts and parents say the benefits extend beyond the studio.

"After she is done with the class, I find she's much more eager to go home and sit and do her homework and be more focused," said mom Gail Tobias.

Eustace said there is also great resources online and through books and through DVDs so whether you're in a small community or a larger community, you can still integrate a lot of the practices and teachings of kids yoga.

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