'No kids' painted on grandfather's car after residents complain of his granddaughter visiting

Bhaskar Barot woke up Thursday morning, looked out his window, and saw a hurtful message spray painted onto his van on the street. It said ‘no kids’ in bright yellow paint.


He then walked outside and found his other car in the driveway with the same mean message.

Barot has a 4-year-old granddaughter who will occasionally spend the night- but mostly come by to play during the day.


The neighborhood, Woodfield, is an older community with restrictions on how often kids can spend the night but there are no limitations on how often they visit during the day.


Barot says residents have complained to the homeowners association before about his granddaughter visiting but he says he has not been found in violation of any rules.


Many of his neighbors also have grandkids who visit. That’s why he struggles to understand why he was targeted and why this was the way they chose to handle their concerns.


"Why would they do such a thing. They're human beings. They act like animals,” he said.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office will be investigating the case. 

Those responsible could face a fine, jail time and a felony charge if the damage amounts to more than 1,000 dollars and they are convicted.


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