Apples' new iPhone may not be greeted by howls of excitement

It's almost here: Apple's new iPhone, expected to be unveiled Sept. 10. But for the first time, it may not be greeted by howls of excitement and big crowds when the doors open at the Apple store.

The launch of a new iPhone has always been an event, with so-called "fanboys" camping out for hours.

But maybe not this fall, says MSN Money, with the expected launch of the iPhone 5S, and cheaper plastic 5C.

MSN says the iPhone is no longer a "cultural phenomenon," with Samsung and others building smartphones that are just as good.

The new iPhone is expected to the same size as the current iPhone 5, which means it will still be smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 (a bigger iPhone is not expected until next year, with the iPhone 6) MSN says it may have a fingerprint reader, hardly the thing to get people to rush to the store.

And MSN says it will have "tweaks" instead of real advancements, such as the launch of Siri or the addition of two cameras for Facetime back in the prehistoric era of smartphones.

MSN says if all the rumors are true, the biggest thing the new iPhone will lack is major innovation, something Apple was known for during the Steve Jobs days.

Sure, many people will trade up from a 4 or 4S to the new 5S, simply because they are coming up on their two-year trade-in mark.

But how many people will sell their 5 for the new 5S, or plastic body 5C? We'll know in late September, when the phone is expected to go on sale.

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