Cincinnati gas prices jumping to $4

Don't Waste Your Money

The day Tri-State drivers feared is finally here:  Cincinnati area gas prices are jumping to $4 a gallon, for the first time in 2014.

Technically, it's just $3.99, an increase over last week's $3.89 price. But when you add in the .09 cents in the fine print, that makes it $4.

We last saw prices this high in June of 2013. reports that Speedway stations, as usual, are leading the increase.  Prices jumped at Northern Kentucky and Indiana Speedways on Wednesday, and are going up in Ohio on Thursday.

Why the Jump?

Several reasons are behind this:

     -Oil prices are now at $104 a barrel.

     -Stations are now required to sell more expensive summer blended gas, which produces less smog.

     -We have entered peak driving season, with peak demand for gas.

The Government and AAA predict that prices should peak this week, and begin to fall the second week in June, barring any major world events.

As always, don't waste your money.


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