10-month-old Marie-Lynne's emotional reaction to mom's singing reaches 5 million views

Mom: 'It just exploded, and we're just in shock'

Little did the parents of 10-month-old Marie-Lynne know that a video of her reacting to her mother's singing would become such an online sensation.

Marie-Lynne's mother belts out "My Heart Can't Tell You No," a song that was a hit for Rod Stewart and Sara Evans, with raw power and emotion.

The child's reactions of joy and sorrow while listening to her mother were priceless, and they went along with the emotional lyrics of the song.

"It's almost as if she understands, which I know there's no way a 10-month-old understands, but just the emotion from the song," Amanda said in an interview on "Right This Minute ," which airs weekdays at 10 a.m. on RTV6.

"I didn't really believe it," Alain said. "One day, she decided to record it and I got to see it for the first time and I was completely blown away."

Alain and Amanda said they are surprised by the amount of attention the video has received.

"We pretty much just did this more for our family," Amanda said. "It just exploded, and we're just in shock."

The video on YouTube had been viewed nearly 5 million times as of the morning of Oct. 30, and that's not the only place it has been seen.

Watch the video and interview:

Here's a link for mobile devices: http://bit.ly/1aRTi1l

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