Alon Official: 'We Want To Create Long Term Jobs'

Official: Contractual Workers' Plan Is Up

A contractual worker for Alon USA contacted ABC 23 on Wednesday and said the company has let go of an unnumbered amount of contractual workers.

Alon USA officials confirmed Thursday that contractual workers were let go according to their plan that they laid out in June when Alon took over the Bakersfield refinery.


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  • The company outlined their plan for the Bakersfield refinery by saying their main commitment was to keep sustainable jobs.

    "We have not deviated from our original plan. The road map did not include keeping contractual workers and we pointed that out last June," said Blake Lewis, Alon Official.

    Lewis continued with, "We want to make a refinery that has a long-term future and want to provide jobs that are sustainable."

    Officials said the new operation will secure 68 employees and when the plant is fully operational they will need up to 100 workers.

    One of the plans is that the plant will no longer process crude oil, but instead it will ship oil it produces from locations in southern California to the Bakersfield refinery and convert it into gasoline and diesel.

    In June, Paul Eisman, president of Alon USA said, "We are excited about this because it helps us to solidify our position in California. We have a refinery in Paramount that is going to support this refinery that can be competitive in the state in the long term.”

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