Animal Control Searches Accused Pet Hoarder's Home

Officers with Kern County's Animal Control division searched the home Thursday of a woman accused of repeated animal neglect.

Cindy Bemis has been accused of animal neglect in Kern and two other counties. She operates a nonprofit rescue sanctuary for pets that are slated to be euthanized.

Animal Control officials said that she is a hoarder, or someone who collects too many animals than she can care for. They said that they searched her home Thursday to build a case of animal neglect against her.

Bemis was scrutinized years ago when a mobile home fire on her property killed almost 50 dogs and 10 cats, most of which were trapped inside the unit.

Bemis said she has documentation to prove that all the animals on her property have adequate veterinary care.

After the search Thursday, one animal on the premises was euthanized and another taken into urgent care, according to representative Denise Haynes.