Aurora movie theater shooting victim Caleb Medley attends suspect James Holmes' hearing

Medley shot in the head during rampage

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. - After months in the hospital, a man shot in the head during the Aurora movie theater shooting rampage went to court Tuesday to face the shooting suspect for the first time.

Caleb Medley was struck in the face during the shooting rampage.

He lost his right eye and was brain damaged. Medley was so injured, doctors put him in a coma while he recovered.

Medley was released from the hospital about six months after the shooting.

In February, Medley's wife posted on Facebook that Caleb was home.

Last week, Caleb's Facebook page said Caleb was still doing well.

"Caleb is still working on walking with assistance, and trying to talk again, but both are very difficult tasks that will take many months to master once again," the Facebook page reported.

On Tuesday, Medley was in court to face shooting suspect James Holmes.

7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger said Medley, who was in a wheelchair, sat in the second row, behind prosecutors, with other victims and family members.

Medley, an aspiring comedian, was at the movie theater with his wife, Katie, last July. It was their last treat to themselves before they "officially" became parents.

Katie Medley and her unborn child were not hurt. The baby, Hugo Jackson Medley, was born days after the shooting in the same hospital where his Dad was being treated.

You can follow Caleb's updates on his Facebook page:

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