Bakersfield College turns 100 years old and continues to grow

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Bakersfield College celebrated it's 100th birthday today, which coincided with the first day of Fall classes. 

Josephine Chase was Bakersfield College's first graduate in 1915, just prior to transferring to University of California, Berkeley.

100 years later, Josephine Chase's great-great-niece and great-great-nephew will attend Bakersfield College. Shelby and Colby Chase, twins who graduated from Highland High School this past June, are entering Bakersfield College.

The Chase siblings will be joined by 17,477 other students, a 5% increase of enrollment over last year.

"Back in 1913, we had 13 students and now we are almost at 18,000 so it is phenomenal achievement for the college," said Chiang. 

Enrollment figures for all Bakersfield College locations are, as of today:
Bakersfield College overall - 17,479
Courses - 1,564
Delano Campus - 1,930
Weill Institute - 422

66 additional courses have been added. Each unit costs students now $46, while up until 1984, classes were completely free. 

Bakersfield College has published a table book that cover the entire history of the school.

"Everything from photos, to personal stories, to even some fun pieces of history that people might not know so much about," described Chiang. 

The book will be sold at Bakersfield College for $20.13 and the proceeds will go towards student events funding. 

Notable alumni of BC include Jean Fuller, California state senator, Frank Gifford, football player and sportscaster, Richard Miles, US Ambassador, Walter Stiern, California state senator, and Delbert Wong, the first Chinese American judge in the continental United States.

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