Big rig truck crashes into the California Aquaduct off of the I-5 at the base of the Grapevine

50 to 80 gallons of gas was dumped into the canal


The big rig was headed southbound on the I-5 when officials were told the driver swerved to miss a car and hit a barrier before it crashed into the canal.

Several different departments were at the scene to make sure the truck was removed safely from the water.

“This is a waterway for California. We need to make sure that when we pick something out of the water like that, that the gas and oil that’s it’s taken care of. We had to shut down the water and do these processes together and just try to be safe, this does take a long time,” said Adriaan Garcia with CHP.

There were also barriers set up to catch some of the gas and oil leaking from the truck.

Between 50 to 80 gallons of gas was dumped into the canal but that didn’t stop volunteer search and rescue divers from jumping in to help anyway they can.

“Every time is a little different; you don’t know what you come into. There could be a lot of twisted metal, everything could be in one piece there could be a lot of debris in the water, and visibility is always an issue because it’s all stirred up so you go by feel more than anything,” said Wilson Rose the search and Rescue Diver.

Wilson was the volunteer diver in charge of attaching the tow truck cables to the truck underneath the water.

It took workers nearly 10 hours to safely get the big rig out of the canal.

The driver of the semi-truck was said to be ok and was treated for a separated shoulder and cuts on his head.

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