Boy saves Fort Carson soldier at 11-Mile Reservoir

11-MILE RESERVOIR, Colo. - A 12-year-old boy helped save the life of a Fort Carson soldier last weekend.

Staff Sgt. Wesley Patton was kayaking Sunday on Eleven-Mile Reservoir when rough waters tipped him over.

12-year-old Adin Pruett and his dad were fishing nearby.

Patton thought he was OK, but he was tangled in his fishing gear and his kayak was sinking.

Pruett tossed a life jacket and other items at Patton, then pulled him into the family's boat.

"We were pulling him up here,” said Pruett pointing to the end of the boat.  “Pulling him up and it was not easy."

Patton was safe, but still in trouble.

He started having an asthma attack.

Pruett's dad got them to shore and Adin ran to Patton's truck to get his asthma inhaler.

"He was very mature and helpful," said Patton.

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