Bullied teen to return to HS: Katie Uffens left after she says classmates formed 'Kill Katie Klub'

SAN DIEGO - Katie Uffens, a teen who told 10News she was forced to leave Poway's Westview High School after students formed a "Kill Katie Klub," will return there soon.

Uffens dropped out of the high school after she said bullies harassed her family and threatened to kill her.

Her claims led to the arrest of one classmate, Nick Aguirre. He was never charged.

Then, Uffens went on national television, accusing the principal and the school district of covering it all up.

Later, Uffens created "You Matter!" to help teens cope with bullying. It now has more than 10,000 'likes' on Facebook.

Despite those high profile attacks on her old school, she said she's going back.

"I'm scared. The staff didn't stand behind me," she said. "The group that called themselves the 'Kill Katie Klub' is still there. But I have the right to live my life, so I'm going to go back."

She wants to go back to class, the cheerleading team and her friends starting Jan. 23.

"I don't care what people say about me anymore," she said. "I know there's rumors and lies and gossip. I deserve to have what I had to leave behind."

Katie's mother Giselle, was convinced for months that her daughter's life was in danger. She compared the culture at the high school to one that ignored another former student, Aurora theater shooter James Holmes.

"[Katie] has to learn to look at people... to accept that they are going to be judgmental, prejudice... process that and know that she's still fine at the end of the day," said Giselle Uffens.

Katie was awaiting Jan. 23 anxiously.

"There's some point where I'm going to have to say, you know what? You're not going to get me down anymore," she said.

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