By the numbers: Comparing the 2009 to this year's inauguration


Even though Monday's inaugural festivities are downsized compared to four years ago, there's still a lot that's goes into swearing in a President.  Here's the inauguration by the numbers.

-- 600,000 to 800,000 is the estimated number of people expected to crowd onto the National Mall for the oath-taking, compared with a record 1.8 million in 2009.

-- $60 the cost of an inaugural ball ticket for a member of the public. They're all sold out so don’t bother trying to get one this late in the game.

-- 2 is the number of Bibles Obama will use during his swearing-in. One was owned by Abe Lincoln, and the other is from Martin Luther King, Jr. because the inauguration is on Martin Luther King Day.  

-- Nearly $2 million has been approved for U.S. Capitol Police for this year’s inauguration.

-- $4.2 million is the amount the architect of the Capitol has to spruce up the Capitol grounds for the swearing-in ceremony.

-- The 2009 inauguration generated over 130 tons of waste. In comparison,  the 2009 New Year’s Eve celebration at Times Square which had over 1 million attendees generated 40 tons of waste.

-- 2 is the number of inaugural balls Obama will attend amid a struggling economy. This is down from the 10 he attended in 2009. 

-- 35,000 is how many people organizers are expected to attend the main inaugural ball, and 4,000 are expected to attend the gala in honor of U.S. troops. This is double the size of two years ago.

-- 1,500 is the total amount of porta-potties on the National Mall for this year’s inauguration. However, it’s estimated 3,400-4,300 porta-potties would be needed for the expected crowd of 600,000-800,000.

-- 5,000 - 7000 is the number of porta-potties reported at the 2009 swearing in.


 And that's Obama's 2013 inauguration by the numbers.

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