Celebrity headphones are the new cash cow for musicians

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It's been a rough decade for the music industry. People just aren't buying albums.  But more people than ever are listening to music.  So how can a struggling artist like Lady Gaga make money? 

The answer: By getting people to pay for products they USE to listen to the music. This means headphones.

In late 2008, Beats by Dr Dre hit the market. The high priced, high quality headphones were a massive hit, and, since then, artists have scrambled to release their own line of headphones.

Lady Gaga has her Monster Beats by Dre, RZA from Wu-Tang Clan has his new Chambers headphones, and Ludacris is behind the Soul SL300s, which cost a whopping $420. 

And at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, 50 Cent was making the rounds, promoting his SMS Audio Headphones -- which are for everyone.  Bald guys, hot girls, hot girls, black guys, hot girls, guys with belly buttons, hot girls with belly buttons, and of course, hot girls.

Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister unveiled some new Motorheadphones at CES that put an emphasis on mid-range sounds. 

Engadget showed off Carly Rae Jepsen headphones and headphone decorations  that hit the CES floor.

And two Jersey Shore cast members have headphones.  50s company markets DJ Pauly D's headphones and Snooki debuted her new headphones at CES.

Market research firm NPD pegs the headphone market at $2.4 billion dollars per year and growing, so expect to see even more of your favorite stars with headphones. 

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