Police won't charge an unruly passenger removed from a cross-country Jet Blue flight diverted to DIA

Woman upset man didn't pay for premium seating

DENVER - Denver police said they won't charge an unruly passenger who was removed from a cross-country Jet Blue flight that was diverted to Denver International Airport on Thursday night.

Passengers told 7NEWS the female passenger became irate when a male passenger was moved to a seat next to her in the plane's premium section without paying extra. Passengers said the man was moved to the front of the plane either because his TV monitor wasn't working or because he needed more leg room.

The woman started arguing with the flight crew, and a federal Air Marshall intervened and that's when the flight was diverted, according to passengers.

Denver police said via Twitter Friday that they didn't charge the woman. Officers did a records check on the woman, found she had no warrants and then escorted her from the concourse. She wasn't identified.

Police spokesman Lt. Matt Murray told 7NEWS the airline told police the woman was being uncooperative and verbally abusive with the man moved to her row.

Yet, because neither Jet Blue nor the male passenger wanted to press charges, Murray said police used their discretion to not charge the woman. A disruptive passenger can be charged with a federal offense of interfering with a flight crew or a misdemeanor state offense of disturbing the peace.

It's unclear whether the woman, who was on JetBlue Flight 185 flying from New York to San Diego when it was diverted, was left stranded in the middle of the country or if she was allowed to catch a different flight at DIA.

According to DIA spokeswoman Laura Coale, the Airbus A320 with 137 passengers landed in Denver at 7:15 p.m.

Photos from 7NEWS Reporter Jaclyn Allen show a woman being escorted to an area of Concourse A where she was questioned by uniformed Denver Police officers.  The woman was pulling her carry-on luggage with her. Police radio traffic said she is 42 years old and was seated in the second row of the plane.

FlightAware air tracking showed the plane's normal flight path diverted over eastern Nebraska.

Passengers re-boarded and the plane left DIA at 9:29 p.m., heading to San Diego.

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