Connecticut zookeepers puzzled by birth of anteater after male removed from enclosure last year

Baby Archie born in April

GREENWICH, Conn. - Sounds like a job for "Maury." Officials at a Connecticut zoo are wondering how an anteater has given birth.

Not that they haven't learned about the birds and bees -- they're scratching their heads because they removed the only male anteater from the enclosure in August.

That's long before the six-month gestation period for the new anteater would have begun.

The departure of the male left behind the anteater mom and another young female in the enclosure.

Despite that unlikely scenario, baby Archie was born in April.

The head of the conservation center suspects it's a rare case of delayed implantation -- when a fertilized egg remains dormant in the uterus for a while before developing.

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