Dog trainer gives rescue dogs second chance by volunteering to train them for new owner

Gina Krehbiel runs nonprofit rehabilitating strays

DENVER - "Saving a dog won't change the world but the world will surely change for that one dog."

It is a favorite quote among those dedicated to rescuing animals. 7Everyday Hero Gina Krehbiel is among them.

Krehbiel owns and operates Clearwater Dog Training. But she also runs the nonprofit called Nikeno's Second Chances.

"We do a lot of rehabilitation with them. And once they are doing much better with their behavior they get readopted," said Krehbiel.

Nikeno's finds dogs others may have given up on and trains them to be a best friend.

Because an untrained dog and an unknowledgeable owner is a recipe for failure. It can result in a pet no one wants and therefore a dog or cat being put down.

"They all come with baggage. They wouldn't be in the rescue if they didn't have baggage. Somebody, somewhere - they didn't get what they needed," said Ginger Hall, Nikeno's Second Chances.

Krehbiel started Nikeno's in 2006 when two rescues dogs, Nikki and Keno, provided some inspiration for not only the name of the nonprofit but the idea to give pets a second chance.

"When you look into their eyes and know they may never leave the shelter.  It really helps to reach out to those dogs.  It helps to know I can help," said Krehbiel.

Krehbiel may spend a couple months with each pet and some more time with a new owner before the transition is complete, but she feels it is worth the effort.

Nikeno's Second Chances has rescued more than 600 dogs and 300 cats.

"The more that we give it just opens your heart to give to these people and to these dogs," said Krehbiel.

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