Family Of Missing Daughter Says Suspect In Wasco Prison

Convicted Sex Offender May Have Used Fake Online Photo To Lure Girl

The family of a 19-year-old Orange County college student is in Kern County Thursday with a list of questions. The man who may have some answers is behind bars at Wasco State Prison for unrelated sex offender charges.

The last time Nili Jou saw her daughter, Donna Jou, was eight months ago.

The family's life has been on hold since then, and family members are doing everything they can to find out if their daughter is still alive.

Donna Jou’s family said she was a college student with a zest for life. They also said she is a trusting, giving person who wanted to help others.

They said Donna Jou met John Steven Burgess online in 2007. Burgess is a convicted sex offender. The family said he misled her online by using a photo that was not of himself.

After about a month of contact, the family said Donna Jou and Burgess met in person. Burgess allegedly picked her up on his motorcycle and took her to a party on June 23, 2007.

Just before they met was the last time anyone in the Jou family saw her.

Burgess will be in prison for three years for parole violations and failing to register as a sex offender.

While Burgess is in prison, his attorney said he does not have to answer any questions to authorities about Donna Jou. Since being read his Miranda rights, his attorney said Burgess has the right to remain silent.

Burgess said he would speak only if he could make a deal.

So far, no deal has been made.