High School Robotics Club constructs a chariot-like harness for paralyzed kitty

ASPEN PARK, Colorado - It seems like an unlikely team, but a group of High School robotics students and a veterinarian have come together to make life a little easier for a feline named Flipper.

The 9 month-old kitty was brought to the Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital in Colorado a few months ago with a spinal chord injury.

Veterinarians say that during birth, her spine was twisted like a piece of rope which left her hind legs partially paralyzed.

The Vet Hospital, which regularly donates to the Robotics Club at Conifer High School, asked them if they could construct a pair of wheels to help her move around.

The students used the CAD program to get 3-D images of how the chariot of sorts could work.

After several prototypes, the club came up with a two-wheeled design with a harness.

Flipper now wears the harness for about two hours a day and races around until she's out of breath. The only problem is when she cuts the corners a little too short and is sent sliding.

She kicks her legs to help power the harness. Vets say it helps with her mobility and she is getting stronger. They hope that in time her spine will loosen up and she will eventually be able to get around on her own.

A kitten in her condition is often put to sleep. But not this cool cat who is now cruising the office like she owns it.

The hospital is planning on adopting Flipper while they continue to help her rehabilitate.

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