How to get in free at 150 museums across the the country

What's the Deal? with Conor Knighton


This weekend, you could PAY $12 to see GI Joe Retalliation or you could see priceless works of art… FOR FREE.

If you’ve got a Bank of America card or Meryll Lynch credit or debit card, you get free admission to 150 major museums in 94 cities across the country this weekend. It's part of the Museums on Us program, which free admission to some of the country’s best museums on the first weekend on every month.

One of the museums on the list is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. It is usually $25 but free with this program. Right now, you can catch a special exhibition of James Nares' "street" a beautiful 61 minute HD HD film of regular New Yorkers doing regular stuff in super slow motion.


Another one on the list is The Orlando Science Center. Usually it is $27. This weekend it's free. The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles is usually $10. This weekend, free. Other free museums include The Houston Zoo, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Fishing Hall of Fame.

Go to for a list of all eligible museums.

You can also sign up to get text alerts to notify you of when the first weekend of the month is.

You need to show photo ID and the card is only good for one admission, so, if you're bringing kids along, keep that in mind.

Still, a very solid deal that costs you nothing if you've already got one of these cards.


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