PD: 3 adults charged after nine children found living in filth, covered with bug bites

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Two mothers and a father face charges after their children were found living in filth and covered with bed bug bites.

The discovery came June 22 when a police officer went to an Independence, Mo., house in the 1900 block of Overton to check on a child.

Court documents state the Division of Family Services asked police check on a child at the home because of reports of bug infestation and trash, KSHB reported. 

The officer found Angela Haney, 30, outside the house with her 9-year-old son, according to court documents.

Haney told the officer she lived in the house with her four children, along with her cousin, Erica Stalker, Stalker's husband, Joseph, and the couple's five children.

The officer went into the house and was met with the odors of a dead animal and cat urine.
Court documents state he found mounds of trash in several rooms, including the bathroom and kitchen.

He also found insect remains in the refrigerator, roaches and flies in the house and large amounts of mold in the basement, according to the court documents.

The children all had bug bites on their bodies. They were taken from the house and the Stalkers and Anglea Haney were arrested.

Jeremy Witkowski lives next door and recalled seeing the kids with dozens of bed bug bites.

"They've had bed bug infestations all over their body, calamine lotion, bleeding and little sores. It's bad," Witkowski said. "It makes you sad for the kids. But it must be how the parents are raising them. That's not a good thing. It's a good thing they're not home anymore."

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