96 year-old woman stopped robbery at her store, offered robber candy in Wisconsin

Robber fled the store after spotting camera

MARSHFIELD, Wis. - A 96-year-old woman stopped an armed robbery while she was alone at her central Wisconsin grocery store.

For 54 years, Margaretta Wolf has run her neighborhood grocery store in Marshfield, Wisconsin. On Monday, the 96-year-old woman found herself face to face with an unwanted customer.

Wolf said a masked man entered her store and asked her to open her cash register.

"If you want something, I'll give you all the Tootsie Rolls I got here, but I am not opening up that till," Wolf said.

That's when the would-be robber pulled out a knife. “You know these little jackknives that men carry in their pockets some times? He took it out, he kind of looked at me and he said, ‘Why don't you walk to the back of the store?’ I said, ‘I am not walking any place.’“

She pointed to the store's video camera. “I says, ‘Why don't you get out? Get going!’ All at once, he just walked out.”

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