Bill would ban printable guns

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -  

It sounds like science fiction: a plastic gun which fires real bullets that can be made using a 3-D printer. But it’s not fiction. It’s real.

A Texas company called defense distributed has downloaded instructions on how to make the gun, and video of it being fired, onto the internet. It’s made using a 3-D printer, which lays down thin strips of plastic to make plastic parts, in this case a gun modeled after a weapon called “the liberator.”  One state lawmaker recently viewed the instructions online.

This past weekend we saw on you tube a rather graphic description, an explanation as to how you can, in fact, using a 3-D printer make a mold of a gun,  a handgun, whereby you can fire a projectile and you can injure and kill someone. It’s just unbelievable when I saw that,” said Senator Leland Yee.

So Yee has decided to take action. He’s crafting legislation to address the issue of untraceable, undetectable weapons, but has no objection to ownership of the printers.

that would ban the use of the technology to make the gun.

Right now a terrorist can get onto the internet, download some instructions into a 3-D printer, make that gun, shoot someone and throw that away and be gone and not be held accountable or responsible for that particular act,” said Yee.

The Texas company, defense distributed, says what it is doing it perfectly legal. But why are they doing it? Why guns?  Their answer is on the company’s website, which says quote… if we truly believe information should be free…. Then why not guns?

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