Ceiling collapse caught on camera

Apartments had heating issues

DETROIT, Mich. - A woman living without heat inside her apartment is struggling with a new problem this morning and our Scripps affiliate in Detroit caught it all on camera.


Residents of an apartment building in Pontiac are frustrated after dealing with no heat for a week, flooding and-- now--  a partially collapsed ceiling.
Residents of Edgewood Park Apartments tell us the building has had no heat since Saturday. Most of them are trying to keep warm using their ovens.
Because of the cold weather and heating issue, some of the old pipes in their units burst, causing flooding and a partial ceiling collapse.
Maintenance has been out a couple of times to try and fix the problem, but the crews have not made much progress.
Our crews were on the scene when other parts of the building's ceiling collapsed Thursday evening.
Firefighters are working with the Red Cross to try and find places for the residents to stay.
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