Dad records viral YouTube video in hot car to spread dangerous message

A North Carolina dad fed up with the stories of children in hot cars recently made a brave video to prove how dangerous it can be to be locked in a car.

His YouTube video has more than one million views and a lot of followers are supporting his message. 

The video shows the man sitting in a car profusely sweating from the hot, stagnant air in the vehicle, though it's only up to 90 degrees outside, he says. 

"I would never leave my kids in the car like this," the man says. "They'll get out of the car and come in with me or I ain't gonna stop at all."

Less than a minute into the video with sweat still dripping down his face, the man claims that he can barely breathe.

"This is sad," he says, urging viewers to share the message.

The video has more than 1,000 comments in support of his action and discussing the severe temperatures that soar when the windows are rolled up.

According to The Weather Channel , if temperatures outside are 90 degrees, the inside of the car can reach 109 degrees in just 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, temperatures surge up to nearly 120 degrees and after an hour and a half can reach near 140 degrees.

Another organization states that when it's 100 degrees outside, much closer to what we see here in Arizona, after just 15 minutes, the internal temperature could be 140 degrees.

Remember to never leave your children, disabled adults or pets in the car, no matter how safe you think it may be.

Read more about the signs of heatstroke and safety here .

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