Hunter Andrew Rice posts video on Facebook of kangaroo while goose hunting in Oklahoma

"Alright so I'm pretty sure this is the most crazy thing that has ever happened to me while I was hunting."

That's what Andrew Rice typed with the video he posted on his Facebook page.

The video? A kangaroo hopping by him in an open field while he was out hunting. Near Adair, Oklahoma!

You can hear someone saying that they're out goose hunting and that a kangaroo is about to go by them. The video shows an open ice-covered field with cows grazing.

"This is insane," the man says. A few of the cows move out of the way as the kangaroo goes hopping by which brings out a loud "Wahoooo!" from the man behind the cell phone video.

He posted the video Monday, and by Tuesday night it had more than 3,900 shares. Andrew posted Tuesday afternoon that he's gotten more than 400 friend requests on the day.

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