Ohio judge sentences DUI driver to view crash victims' bodies as part of punishment


A Ohio judge has come up with an unusual punishment for a drunk driver—making the offender view bodies of two people killed in a car accident.

On Tuesday, Jonathan Tarase, 27, entered a plea of no contest to driving a car under the influence.In addition to paying a $600 fine and having his driver's license suspended, Tarase can avoid jail time if he accepts the judge's sentence to view the bodies.

Since Tarase was a first-time offender, Judge Mike Cicconetti opted to suspend 60 days of a 65-day jail sentence. Instead, he will allow Tarase to spend three days in a driver intervention program. The two remaining days will be spent viewing driving fatalities.

"It would not be done without management by the Probation Department, or without all due sensitivities and the victim's family's approval," Cicconetti told ABCNews.com . "This is not some morbid curiosity. This is to prevent acts like this, and as a notice to everyone else in my community: There will be consequences that you may not like."

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