Ontario family in shock after hate letter targets teen with autism, community unites

NEWCASTLE, Ontario - Ontario police are investigating a letter sent to a woman caring for an autistic child by another woman who wanted the "wild animal kid" out of her neighborhood.

The hateful letter was reportedly sent last week to a resident of Newcastle, Ont., just east of Toronto, targeted at 13-year-old Max, who stays at his grandmother's house during the summer, according to CityNews.

The letter reads, in part, "I also live in this neighborhood and have a problem!!!! You have a kid that is mentally handicapped and you consciously decided that it would be a good idea to live in close proximity neighborhood like this????"

Mobile users can view the letter here: http://bit.ly/1eXPTAl

The letter was tweeted by Lennon and Maisy, who star on ABC's Nashville. The letter has been retweeted more than 4,000 times.

Durham Regional Police told Yahoo! Canada News that a report was filed on Friday and an investigation is ongoing.

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