Pa. homeowner sues seller over home's bloody past

Homeowner sues seller for undisclosed crime

THORNTON, Pa. - Janet Milliken, 59, moved from California after husband died, she wanted a fresh start with her two teenage children.

She settled on a home in Thornton, Pa., for $610,000 in June of 2007.  A few weeks after she moved in, Milliken learned from a next-door neighbor that a murder-suicide had occurred the year before in the master bedroom of her home. 

She sued the seller and the real estate agent for fraud and misrepresentation, saying they made a "deliberate choice not to disclose the home's recent past," according to a court document.

A trial judge granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants, saying state law does not require agents to disclose such events.

Milliken filed a petition to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania last week hoping to argue the case further.

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