Samaritan buys 500 cups of coffee for others at Tim Horton's restaurant in Canada

In Alberta, Canada, customer after customer who tried to pay for their cup of coffee at a Tim Horton's restaurant in Edmonton was told 'No Charge'.

The free java was thanks to an anonymous donor, who employees said slapped down nearly 900 Canadian Dollars to pay for customers' orders behind him.

"One customer came in and he said 'Oh, I want to buy 500 coffees', and I was like why and he was like 'no reason,'" said the employee.

According to Canada's CTV, similar incidents have been reported at Tim Horton's across Canada at least six different times this week.

A Tim Horton's representative said the free coffees were not a publicity stunt, and that the restaurant had nothing to do with the good Samaritans. 

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