South Carolina voices opinion on shirts about illegal immigrants

Restaurant received calls of people wanting one

Most Mexican restaurants are known for their food or perhaps the drinks, but one small family store in South Carolina is gaining national attention for their t-shirts.

The shirts have the slogan 'how to catch an illegal immigrant' accompanied by a cartoon drawing of two tacos placed beneath a makeshift box trap as bait.

It got national attention after someone tweeted a picture of an employee wearing one of the shirts.

The restaurant's owner said they are unfairly being accused of racism.

Taco Cid put a statement on its website saying the shirts are a 'witty and comical statement' about undocumented immigrants, and if you don't agree, you can eat elsewhere.

The owner said since the shirts debuted, they have gotten calls from all over the country from people wanting one.

The shirts are being sold for $35 each.

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