VIDEO: Ojai, Calif. 5-year-old with Autism receives special gift from garbage man

OJAI, Calif. - The kindness of a garbage man in California was captured on video and is now making its way around the world. posted a video to their YouTube page last week after receiving an email from Robin Newberger. In the email Newberger shares a very special gift given to her 5-year-old son with Autism by their local garbage man.

In the video you can see Daniel, carefully watching as Manual pulls up to their Ojai, CA home to pick up the family's trash.

But the whole family is surprised when Manuel first asks permission and then gets out of the truck to deliver a very special gift to his biggest fan.

This touching video is sure to restore your faith in humanity, if it was ever lost.

Mobile users:

The Autism Speaks YouTube page says that Manual we recognized by his company E. J. Harrison & Sons for his good deed, and rightfully so.

Thanks Manuel.

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