Woman claims she found mouse bone in her cereal

Gross food find brings to light food regulations

EUGENE, Ore. - A disturbing find in a cereal box has brought to light some surprising food regulations.

Shea Boman-Smead told KVAL-TV in Eugene, Oregon that poured a bowl of Quaker Life Cereal and found what looked like a mouse bone floating in her bowl.

Boman-Smead said she contacted Quaker and they gave her simple instructions.

“You send us the box of cereal and what you found in the zip lock bag. We’re going to process it and then we’ll let you know,” according to Boman-Smead.

Although Quaker seemed apologetic, Boman-Smead told KVAL she doesn’t think that’s enough.

What might be even more disturbing is how food is regulated.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, animal droppings, insect heads and even mold to a certain degree are allowed in foods; in small amounts.

For example, potato chips are OK as long as at least 94 percent of the pieces are not rotted. Noodles can have up to 4 ½ rodent hairs and cocoa beans, per pound, can contain up to 10 mg of mammal waste.

KVAL-TV attempted to contact Quaker about Boman-Smead’s find but the company has not returned the call.