Local attorney, Mark Madrigali, could now face first-degree murder charge

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A local lawyer charged with attempted murder could soon face first degree murder charges.

It was June 12th when Bakersfield Police say Mark Madrigali shot his wife in the chest with a shot gun at their northeast Bakersfield home.

As of 5:21 p.m. Thursday, the Kern County Sheriff Department's coroner ruled that the manner of Madrigali's wife's death was a homicide by complications of a shotgun wound.

Madrigali's charge of attempted murder still stands and 23ABC News will update this story if new charges are filed against him.

51-year-old Trivia Madrigali was rushed to KMC where she had to have part of her liver removed and a wound in her heart repaired.

Wednesday nearly a full month after the shooting she died at the home of a friend.

It’s not yet clear why she was at the home or why she died.

23ABC wanted to know what the death meant for the criminal case.

"Our law makes it very clear that if you start causation if you are the ultimate cause of somebody else's death you get to pay the consequences," said Bakersfield criminal defense attorney Kyle Humphrey.

Humphrey says from a legal standpoint it doesn't really matter how much time has passed if prosecutors can connect the victim's death to madrigal's actions they can charge him with murder.

"Two men were prosecuted for the death of a deputy sheriff 30 years later. He lived for thirty years and then passed away," Humphrey said.

23ABC asked the Kern County District Attorney's office about the case.

They said they won’t make any decision until they get the autopsy report.

"If you use a firearm and you shoot more than once there is that pause where you could premeditate and deliberate," Humphrey said.

Madrigali's charges could be changed to anything from voluntary manslaughter to first degree murder.

"Typically with firearms and no claim of self defense they start at first degree murder," Humphrey said.

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