10-week-old bloodhound will train to become Bakersfield Search and Rescue tracker

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Kern County Sheriff's Office will introduce the newest member of the Search and Rescue Unit, “Savannah”, a bloodhound that was recently purchased by a Search and Rescue member. 

KCSO Search and Rescue unit was established about 50 years ago and now consists of 10 specialized teams throughout Kern County. 

There are approximately 250 active Search and Rescue team members. They are highly-trained professionals, all of whom are volunteers, and have been deployed on thousands of search and rescue missions. 

All Search and Rescue members are trained in ground searches, tracking, evidence searches, first aid, disaster operations and land navigation. 

The Bakersfield Search and Rescue Team has several certified working dog teams; Savannah is the newest addition to their team. Savannah is a 10-week-old purebred Bloodhound. 

This particular breed of dog is famed for its ability to discern human odors, even after extended periods of time, over great distances, and across bodies of water. Their keen sense of smell is combined with a strong tracking instinct, producing the ideal scent hound that is used all over the world to track missing people.

Savannah was purchased by Aaron Lynam, the Captain of the Bakersfield Search and Rescue Team. Savannah will be raised and trained as a scent dog to specialize in tracking missing persons as well as human remains. 

Savannah will be trained over the next two years in basic obedience, tracking, odor recognition and other skills, before attempting the rigorous certification process.

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