12-year-old boys travel in neighborhoods picking up abandonded Christmas trees

This time of year it's not difficult a spot Christmas trees abandoned on the side of the road or in a neighborhood.

Two young people in Oildale have decided to make a difference during their winter break and pick up Christmas trees from anyone in their community.

"I've seen Christmas trees all over the streets and it looks bad and makes our community look ugly," said Brandon Ford.

Twelve-year-old Ford along with his friend Corey Morgan spent a better part of Tuesday morning walking the streets of Oildale picking up several trees with their hand held bike trailer.

Earlier this week, the pair put a notice out on Facebook that they will be collecting trees for a donation. So far they have had about a handful of people wanting to use their service.

Both young boys volunteer with Making it Great in the 08, a grassroots clean up organization in Oildale.  They will be donating a portion of there proceeds back to the organization, the boys told 23ABC. The organization has been cleaning up trash in the alleys of Oildale for several years.

"It makes me feel proud to help clean up the Christmas trees and make it great in the 08," said Morgan.

The boys are planning to recycle the trees, and if they get more than they can handle, they said they plan on taking the rest of them to the dump, with the help of their parents.

Anyone wishing to donate to "Makin it Great the 08"can get more information here:  https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/mkq3/makin-it-great-in-the-08

For more information about the organization and the cleanup, www.facebook.com/real08ers

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