12-year-old girl struck, killed by car in Delano on Wednesday morning

Girl taken to hospital, died

DELANO, Calif. - A 12-year-old girl died after being struck by a vehicle in Delano at the intersection of Summer Drive and Browning Road at about 7:30 on Wednesday morning.

Police say 26-year-old Blanca Felix Leon was traveling east on Summer Drive, when she stopped at a stop sign and noticed two ladies walking.

Leon, who was driving a Ford F250 raised pickup truck, said she did not see anyone else and proceeded to make a right turn on to Browning Road, when she felt a bump.

Leon said she got out of her truck and that’s when she realized that she had struck a pedestrian.

Officials said they went to the scene after being called and attempted to perform life-saving measures on the child until the fire and ambulance staff arrived.

The pedestrian, 12-year-old Shaylyn Anela Pinoliar was taken to Delano Regional Medical Center, where she died from her injuries.

Pinoliar's grandmother says the girl was walking to school with her brother.

Both were in the crosswalk when Leon ran over Shaylyn.

The girl's brother, who was walking directly behind her was not injured.

Shaylyn was described as being a quiet girl who loved playing sports and spending time with family.

"The whole family we spend Christmas all together. My grandkids, all of us. It's going to be difficult because (Shaylyn's) not going to be with us to celebrate. It's not the same. I know it was an accident but when you are grieving you don't think of that. You are really angry. And I hope there will be justice for my granddaughter," said the girl's grandmother Zelma Pinoliar.

The Delano Police Department is still investigating the accident and has not an arrest.

A candlelight vigil was held Wednesday night at the accident site.

On Thursday morning, students and staff at La Vina Middle school where Shaylyn was a student, wore her favorite color --- purple --- and released purple balloons in her memory.

A large memorial has grown at the corner of Summer drive and Browning road while businesses around town collect money for Shaylyn's funeral.

Shaylyn was supposed to find out Wednesday if she had made the Junior Varsity Basketball team.

The school released the list of students who made the team Thursday.

Shaylyn made the team.

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