18 people hospitalized in Kern County from influenza

8 confirmed cases of swine flu

Typically known for hitting the young and the elderly the hardest, this season's flu is sending healthy adults to the emergency room.
The Kern County Department of Health has reported 18 people between the ages of 30 and 68 have been hospitalized for the flu. Of those cases, eight have been confirmed as swine flu, also known as H1N1.
Dr. Claudia Jonah from the Kern County Department of Health said this local trend is mirrored through the rest of the state and across the nation.
"There are people becoming extremely ill, being put into the intensive care unit and put on ventilators in order to assist them with breathing," Jonah said.
Kern County health officials said there are plenty of flu shots left and this season's vaccine does include a strand to fight off swine flu.
List of flu vaccine locations:
  1. Kern County Department of Public Health- 1800 Mt. Vernon Ave. (661)321-3000
  2. Walgreens Pharmacies
  3. CVS Pharmacies


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